The best family vacations begin at the Muskogee Inn

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When you ask most adults about their favorite memory of a family vacation, many will have extremely specific stories to tell about crowded mini vans or station wagons, grainy radio stations, spilled soda in the back seat and lots and lots of road trip snacks. Perhaps they remember games to Punch Bug or other road games and perhaps they remember fighting with their siblings, their father yelling, but everyone laughing through it all and excited to get to the next location.

Memories of all kinds of hotels and motels on the interstate, jumping on plush hotel beds and ordering room service are among some of the most cherished memories people have because it truly reminds them that they were on vacation. Whether this is associated with summer break from school or simply a time when the family all had fun, travel memories are special to almost everyone.

Millions of Americans still have photographs of the family vacations they went on as kids and those pictures of smiling families posing at strange roadside attractions, famous landmarks and state signs are some of the most special and nostalgic items people own.

No matter where you were going or how far it was, the excitement of going on an adventure and doing something different is a feeling that is difficult to recreate, but it does not mean we shouldn’t give it a try.

If you are looking to make your own family vacation memories with your family, look no further than the Muskogee Inn. Nestled in Atmore, Alabama, just miles from the Florida panhandle and the Gulf of Mexico, the Muskogee Inn is a special place that has provided many families with exactly what they need to make memories.

At this low price hotel, you will find a charming staff full to the brim of southern hospitality and well maintained building with lovely rooms. The grounds are well maintained and are home to a sparkling blue pool, which is perfect for taking a dip and cooling off on a typically hot and muggy southern day.

The pool has been a favorite feature of families for years as it provides a place for adults and children of all ages to play, to relax and to truly escape from the stresses of everyday life.

The Muskogee Inn is also a great place to bring aging family members as well, considering the entire property is a handicap accessible hotel. If you have a parent or grandparent in a wheelchair, they will have no problem getting around and enjoying the fun with you and your family.

If you are looking to make lasting memories for your family, spending time together is important. Find lodging in a place that treats its guests like family and works hard to make sure each and every person staying at the hotel feels special and comfortable.

Once you have embarked on your family vacation, you can rest assured that the memories you create are ones that will hold a special place in the hearts of your family forever.

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