Standing seam roof panel machines are good for your gutters

standing seam roof panel machines

When you imagine a roof, chances are the first thing that pops into your mind is a standard roof with asphalt shingles. These shingles are the ones that look a little like tar, have a rough texture and sometimes a little bit of sparkle to them. If you ever went up on your family’s roof as a child, perhaps to watch fireworks on the fourth of July, you may have a specific memory of what they look and feel like. Asphalt shingles are have been around so long because they are generally considered the most cost effective option for roofing, but the reality is, there are some issues with asphalt shingles that make them a bit less effective than panels made by standing seam roof panel machines.

You have probably seen roofs with panels before, but it is a bit unlikely that you will associate them with homes in a regular neighborhood. In fact, most panel roofs are common on industrial buildings or buildings with highly architectural designs like museums or multi-million dollar homes commissioned by celebrities. This may seem like something that is unattainable to the average person, but thanks to standing seam roof panel machines, that is simply not true.

Panel roofs are made of metal meaning they are extremely durable. They also have a modern look that many people find very appealing. The panels go from the top point of the roof all the way down to the edge of the roof and are attached with standing seams. One of the best things about this type of roof besides the aesthetic appeal is that it is much easier to keep clean than the standard asphalt shingle roofs. If you have ever been on top of an asphalt shingle roof or have cleaned the gutters attached to a house with an asphalt shingle roof, you know that the asphalt can degrade over time, especially when exposed to sun and inclement weather like rain or snow. Extreme changes in temperature also work to degrade the shingles which then flake off and get clogged in the gutter. If a house by chance has sectional gutters, these asphalt pieces could easily get caught in the seams and cause even more of a blockage. This is a reason for having seamless gutters made by a gutter machine. The seamless gutters made by seamless gutter machines allow for less chance for anything to get clogged or stuck, meaning water can flow more freely, be diverted to the appropriate place and overall, require less cleaning and maintenance than sectional gutters.

If you are looking to update your home in both look and functionality, the combination of seamless gutters and standing seam roof panels will make a huge difference. Not only will the curb appeal and overall exterior aesthetic of your home improve, but these materials used in tangent will result in less maintenance, less cleaning and less costly repairs in the long run. While it may be an investment in the beginning, the money savings over  time as well as the resale value of the house will make the investment worth it.

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