Should You Get Brain Treatment? Signs of Brain Damage

There are a lot of signs that our bodies give us to tell us that we have brain damage. If you have recently hit your head really hard and you think there may be some internal bleeding, go to the doctor right away. There are a lot of other ways you can get brain damage. There are many accidents that can cause brain damage, like falling and hitting your head. If you are swimming and drown you may suffer brain damage because the brain needs oxygen to function. Illnesses and certain medical conditions can also cause a person to get brain damage. Males aged 15-24 are the highest risk of getting brain damage. There are four major categories that brain signs fall into. They are perceptual, cognitive, physical and emotional.


brain treatmentOne of the perceptual signs that you may have brain damage is if you are experiencing balance issues. Another sign is if your hearing, vision or feeling of touch changes. Also, if you are having issues with smelling or tasting, you could have brain damage. A couple other perceptual signs that you have brain damage is if you have become more sensitive to pain, inability to tell time or you have spatial disorientation.


One of the cognitive signs that you have brain damage is if your attention span seems to have shortened. If you’re unable suddenly to comprehend abstract ideas, this is another sign of brain damage. A few other cognitive signs that you have brain damage is if you are having trouble expressing your thoughts, understanding others, and processing information. Also, if you’ve suddenly had issues with making decisions, this could be a cognitive sign you are suffering from brain damage. Finally, a big sign you have brain damage is if you’re experiencing memory loss.


There are many physical signs of brain damage. Physical signs might be the easiest way for you or your friends or family to tell if you have brain damage. One of the main ones is if you become unconscious. If this happens to you, go to the emergency room or doctor right away. If you experience seizures, paralysis, or tremors, these are other physical sign of brain damage. Other physical signs of brain damage include very intense mental and physical fatigue. However, there may be many reasons for being tired if you’re concerned, check with your doctor. Another sign is if you get really bad continuous headaches.


The final category is emotional signs you have brain damage. This includes being more aggressive, impatient and irritable. Also, if your resilience to stress has gone down, this is a sign you have brain damage. If you are experiencing sluggishness out of the blue, this is another emotional sign you may have brain damage. If you’re family or friends have mentioned you are being more aggressive lately, this is a sign of brain damage. Also, do you friends and family tell you they are concerned about you and want you to go to the doctor? Are you denying it? Denial is another sign of brain damage.


If you have noticed any of the above symptoms, you may need to get some sort of brain treatment done so contact your doctor right away or seek quality neurosurgeons like the ones at Boulder Neurological and Spine Associates. It is best to address the issues right away and not let any condition worsen over time.

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