Baptiste Yoga Class


Yoga combines the physical aspect, mental, and spiritual exercises which got founded during the early years in India. It involves the combination of different body movements as well as fixed postures. It as well blends meditation and holistic exercises. Many people have gotten lured into the yoga classes with different expectations hence explaining the high growth of yoga teaching and training classes worldwide. I will call my Baptiste yoga class Container Company as the long run aim is to give people satisfaction in being comfortable in their skin through the many exercises and training they will have to undergo.

Set up

For one to set up a yoga teacher training, the primary equipment required includes a digital camera and a laptop. This equipment is inevitable for anyone planning to start an Baptiste yoga class. To make a great video the following guidelines help me in attaining my goals; First planning is an essential remedy for a wealthy Yoga class. One needs to determine what exactly they want to share and how well they can do it to ensure the viewers benefit from it.

It is also important to mention the benefits of the particular moves in every episode. Shooting is the next step, where one has to determine how best they want to do it. It can be done by a different person or through setting up the equipment and doing it yourself. Finally, after the shoot there is the editing of the video, the process has to provide ease to erase what is not needed and add what is deemed essential by the trainer.


Yoga like any other activity has its objectives. An Baptsite yoga class seeks to help students to get disciplined in working towards achieving their goals. The discipline is achieved when students have to adhere to rules and regulations governing the training process. For instance, the training is done at a specific time of the day hence all subscribers have to make themselves available at the given time without fail. Yoga trains the mind and controls the body.

One learns how to live a healthy lifestyle through proper dieting. In the long run, one acquires a programmed system that can help stay fit and live well. Finally, yoga helps one’s nervous system to relax after a long day of work or after a hectic day of business. It gives time to meditate and analyze one’s achievement on a regular basis.


In conclusion, I tend to grow the business in the future after running the class for some time. My target group is between ages thirteen all the way to fifty. The levels will be increased with increase in the number of subscribers. I would also do a guidebook that would be available on my website to help interested parties who need extra hours to practice without my video guidance. I am looking forward to having a great time and experience with my subscribers. I will provide avenues on how to reach me or send in question whenever they arise.

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