Custom Engagement Ring- A Buyer’s Guide

Why go for custom made engagement rings?
Although you can choose from many ring designs available at the jewelers, there are lots of reasons to choose custom design engagement rings. Having a ring custom made gives you the opportunity to be involved in every step of its making. You can take control of it and get the most out of your budget. Moreover, you will be responsible for the stone and style you select for the engagement ring. Often it happens that, when a couple is shopping for an engagement ring, they like the band of one ring and the stone from another. This situation calls for custom engagement ring making, where you can choose the band, the stone, the style and also the metal from which your ring will be made.

Wearing a ring, which is only made for you and not found anywhere else is a special feeling. This is a kind of feeling which you get from custom made engagement rings. Many jewelry makers are offering custom jewelry designing options in order to offer creative ideas at affordable prices. Your engagement ring is most likely to be a treasured gift and hence creating something unique is well worth the effort. You can team up with a custom jewelry maker and work together on a design and come up with an engagement ring which truly just made for you.

Where to start from?
There are three things you need to consider before getting started with designing your bespoke ring; style, budget, and size. Knowing how much you will have to spend on the ring will help you narrow down the choices and get it right. There is no right or wrong budget for custom engagement rings, until the time you can afford it.

If you are buying the ring for your partner, think of her style, or the kind of jewelry she owns or is recently having a fetish for. This way you will have an idea of what design you will go for and the budget associated with it. Chances are, you will look for options in categories like ornate, vintage, simple or modern. If you are still in doubt, your, would-be bride’s friends are a great resource as they might know, what kind of engagement ring your bride will like to have.

Choosing The Stone
When you are shopping for a diamond, it is important to consider the 4Cs. The 4Cs comprise; the cut, color, clarity, and carat. However, if you are looking for stones other than diamonds, there are several options like sapphires, garnets, rubies, and emeralds. Make sure you have gathered enough knowledge on precious and semi-precious stones before you buy.

Choosing The Metal
Choosing the metal is your personal choice of choosing the stone. An engagement ring metal type is simply about your personal preference. When you have opted for a diamond, the preferred metal to go with it is platinum. It is also the most durable metal and will hold the dazzle for years to come.Make the right choice and consultĀ Cut Fine Jewelers for the finest custom made engagement rings.

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